Notes on Variants


Notes on Variants

The Two-Player Variant

Inevitable can be played with two players, but it is important to make a few changes.

Group Restriction

The following Groups are “cleared” for two-player play:
  • ACME,
  • the Adrenaline Junkies,
  • the Child Prodigies,
  • the Church,
  • the Famous International Playboys,
  • the Handmaidens of Cthulhu,
  • the Living Dead,
  • the Mental Patients,
  • the Ministry of Truth,
  • the Paparazzi,
  • the Taxi Drivers, and
  • the Time Travelers.

Each of these Groups has two small circles behind its name on the Group Info Sheet. You should remove any Group without these circles from play before you select Groups.

HappyCOM-9’s Victory Condition and the Clone Police

The two-player variant does not use the Clone Police. However, HappyCOM-9 still retains a victory condition: if both players are out of play, even for an instant, HappyCOM-9 wins the game.
Since there are no Clone Police, players may not declare themselves Hopelessly Insane in the two-player variant, nor may they opt not to come back to life in the Hospital ICU if they can afford to be healed.
If you Die in the two-player game and cannot afford to be healed, you may either come back into the game with a new randomly selected Group (with a starting stipend and Outfitting Phase) or you may opt to trigger the Election. You may not participate in the Election, but you may sit back and enjoy the view as your unprepared opponent crashes and burns.

The “Election Day” Variant

Since the Election Day variant (see page 4) is time-sensitive, it is important to manage your Statistics more strategically: you have to make sure you’re in the lead at a particular time. As such, players holding on to a narrow lead occasionally feel the temptation to stall strategically—taking a lengthy smoke break, for instance, while precious minutes on the clock tick away. This is not good form.
While it’s impossible to positively identify every behavior that might be an example of strategic stalling, we find that the most egregious occurrences can be eliminated by invocation of Wheaton’s Rule.12 Play hard, but play fair. If the other players think you’re stalling for dick-ish reasons, don’t escalate the situation by defending yourself. It’s a given that your friends are paranoid nutjobs, and defending yourself will simply waste more time. Just apologize, and finish out your turn as quickly as possible.

Footnote: 12 “Don’t Be a Dick.”

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