Inevitable: Free Demo Version


You've heard about this "Inevitable" thing.  Sure, it's got violence, zombies, backstabbing, and larceny, but you're still not 100% sold on it. You're a savvy modern consumer, and you're unsure about plunking your hard-earned cash down on a print-and-play download. Even through the Inter-Tubes, we can hear you now: "I want to try it before I buy it!"

The Free Demo Version is what you want! The Free Demo Version contains printable PDFs of the complete rules, HappyMail Catalog, board (in full color!), and money. It also includes a special selection of six Groups, and 30 FATE cards. It's not The Standard PDF Version (or the professionally-printed, boxed Deluxe set), but it's enough for you to get a taste of how Inevitable plays (and you can't beat the price).

To download The Free Demo Version, simply click here.  Alternately, you could click the link at the bottom of this product, but it's the same exact file.  If we made it any simpler for you to get it, we'd be giving it away! (Oh, wait a minute... We are!)  That's it!  No commitment – nothing to buy!  If you're feeling especially charitable, you can select a donation level, add this to your cart, and check out via PayPal.  We guarantee that your karmic deposit will return to you five-fold.

Price: $0.00

If you'd like to kick a few bucks our way, we won't complain!

inevitable_free_print_and_play_demo_1-0.zip66.42 MB
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