Everyone loves money. They like to hoard it. If they can't hoard it, they like to look at it. The "Scrip" term lets you see all the money at once.

Leak No. 19 >> Scrip >> $50


And today we conclude our preview of Inevitable's money with this bill, featuring the terrifying beauty of Kali, the inebriating darkness / benevolent mother / destroyer goddess of Hindu myth, seen here in her ten-armed Mahakali form. BEHOLD!

50 dollar-dollar bill yall

And one final reminder: our Kickstarter fundraising campaign has only three days remaining.  We've bypassed our initial goal ($3000) by a nearly incoherent amount, and are pushing on to our "stretch goal" ($8500). This seemed completely impossible but we're only $125 away. Who will be the one to put us over the top? It could be you

Leak No. 18 >> Scrip >> $100


OK, so, the future's Pantheon of Gods is more than just Dobbsheads and Flying Spaghetti Monsters. Naturally, it also contains some of the more traditional figures from World Religion as well. The hundred dollar bill features a pair of All-Stars reporting in from Monotheistic Western Civilization: the esteemed Jesus "Superstar" Christ, and his shadowy counterpart Satan "the Adversary" Morningstar.

hundred dollar-dollar bill yall

Half the hundred-dollar-bills in the game depict Jesus, and half depict Satan: feel free to stockpile whichever you believe to be less (more?) blasphemous.

Leak No. 17 >> Scrip >> $10


Today's link is a third piece of the play money / company scrip that comes with Inevitable. Reverend Ivan Stang himself gave us the clearance to feature the familiar, leering visage of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, from the Church of the SubGenius

 $10 dollar-dollar bill y'all

[The portrait of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is a trademark of SubGenius Foundation  and is used with permission.]

Leak No. 16 >> Scrip >> $20


Today's link is a second piece of the play money / company scrip that comes with Inevitable, featuring a familiar face [?] from the future's Pantheon of Gods: the Flying Spaghetti Monster

 $20 dollar-dollar bill y'all

Clicking the thumbnail will reveal the entire bill--which will also reveal that the upper right-hand corner of the bill has a blank quadrant, where some icon will eventually go.  Want to leave your mark on the game?  Lex Terenchin, the bill's artist, is opening the floor for suggestions.

Leak No. 15 >> Scrip >> $500


Today's link comes courtesy of Lex Terenchin, Inevitable contributor and Friend of HappyCOM.  Lex has been working diligently on the play money / company scrip that comes with Inevitable, and this week we're excited to show off the first of his completed works: this fantastic, steampunk-themed $500 bill.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full bill in all its glory:

 $500 dollar-dollar bill y'all

Each of the game's major denominations features a different portrait in the center.  Inevitable fans will recognize HappyCOM's soulless visage here on the $500, but who did we choose for the other bills?  Oh... you'll see.

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