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Leak No. 15 >> Scrip >> $500


Today's link comes courtesy of Lex Terenchin, Inevitable contributor and Friend of HappyCOM.  Lex has been working diligently on the play money / company scrip that comes with Inevitable, and this week we're excited to show off the first of his completed works: this fantastic, steampunk-themed $500 bill.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full bill in all its glory:

 $500 dollar-dollar bill y'all

Each of the game's major denominations features a different portrait in the center.  Inevitable fans will recognize HappyCOM's soulless visage here on the $500, but who did we choose for the other bills?  Oh... you'll see.

Leak No. 14 >> Merch >> I <3 Dystopias T-Shirt

This week's Friday leak is a special one, in that it's not a component of the game but rather a look at a piece of merchandise just now becoming available, the "I <3 Dystopias" T-shirt.

They're wending their way to us as we speak, so we don't have photos, but below is a computer program's best guess of what it will look like on you, if you're a skinny white dude:

Our entire operations budget at this stage of the game is essentially made up of merch sales, so if you want to think of your money paying for glamorous things like photocopies and office supplies, head on over to our shop and get your pre-order in for this happy little number!  (Shirts should ship in about a week.)

Also in Merch: the "Know Your Polyhedra" 6-button set.

Leak No 13 >> The Catalog (Part Three)


Here are the final two pages from Inevitable's mail-order Catalog.  Actually they're the first two pages, but I'm posting them last.  This is a dystopia, after all, things get out of order sometimes.

Anyway, these pages focus on the game's Accessories and Enhancements.  We actually approached a corporate sponsor about getting their name on the game's prime power-enhancer--we thought Red Bull would be funny--but until we hear back we're sticking with the Spam joke.

(Oh yeah, we should take this opportunity to remind everyone that Inevitable is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by the trademark holders of Hormel, or their affiliates. The appearance of the Spam trademark in this work of commentary is for satirical intent only and does not imply trademark ownership.)

Catalog snippet

Click on the graphic for the full two pages, or use the link below:

The Catalog, pages 1+2
(PDF file)

Leak No. 12 >> The Catalog (Part Two)


Here are two more pages from Inevitable's mail-order Catalog. This week we get a little deeper into the weapons and other instigative possessions in the game, ranging from Nests of Hornets to Nuclear Missiles:

Catalog snippet

Click on the graphic for the full two pages, or use the link below:

The Catalog, pages 5+6
(PDF file)

Leak No. 11 >> The Catalog (Part One)


Inevitable comes with a few copies of a mail-order Catalog, jam-packed with in-game items that you can purchase to enhance your own abilities or to take down other players.  Here's a pair of sample pages, in a new design that I just completed yesterday! Hot off the presses:

Catalog snippet

Click on the graphic for the full two pages, or use the link below:

The Catalog, pages 3+4
(PDF file)

Leak No. 10 >> The Board >> The GameShows

In our design process, we've tried, wherever possible, to make Inevitable provide a lot of richness and depth to its players.  One innovative way that we've done this is by building one-turn "minigames" into the larger arc of the game. Since we're in a dystopia, many of these minigames come in the form of sadistic GameShows.  The bargain they strike with the player is simple: succeed at the GameShow, receive fabulous prizes!  Fail, and suffer humiliating penalties (including but not limited to having your head blown open).

Here are Inevitable's seven GameShows (as of pre-release beta 0.7.3):

Want to learn more, or know how they work? Here's a pair of pages from the rulebook.

The GameShows (PDF file, 2 pages)

Leak No. 9 >> The Board >> Things That Suck (Part Three)


Although a highly strategic game, Inevitable also contains some of the chance-based pleasures of a roll-and-move game.  What that means, of course, is that even just getting from one side of the board to the other can be an experience that's rife with peril.  Here, then, our final installment in the sequence of Things That Suck: three squares from the board that you'd probably prefer to avoid.

Clowns, man? I thought better of you.

Tune in next Friday for a few more squares from the board.

Leak No. 8 >> Cards >> Things That Suck (Part Two)


This week, we're continuing our "Things That Suck." series of leaks, showcasing the dangers and perils of Inevitable's dystopian City. Last week, we began with three cards from the FATE deck.   Here's another:

Learn Newspeak

And there are two more on the other end of this link:

Things That Suck: Three Cards
(PDF file, 1 page)


Also, Inevitable is now seeking funding through Kickstarter.  We'll do a full post on this later, but if you want a sneak preview of a whole bunch of additional stuff (including a photo of the current version of the board) you can watch our Kickstarter video here: http://kck.st/cqqYv5

Leak No. 7 >> Cards >> Things That Suck


This week, we're beginning a new series of leaks, which we like to call "Things That Suck." As those of you who have read our backstory may recall, the world of Inevitable is a messed-up place, full of peril for the players who inhabit it. This three-part series will showcase just the tiniest sampling of some of the stuff that can go awry. Let's begin with three cards from the FATE deck.   Here's one:


Click the link to see the others.

Things That Suck: Three Cards
(PDF file, 1 page)


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